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Google's mobile algorithm update is coming. Are you prepared?

Brian McDowell
Brian McDowell
Director of Search Intelligence,
Sheridan Orr
Sheridan Orr
Senior Director of Product Marketing,

You've heard a lot about the upcoming Google algorithm update and the surging importance of mobile-friendly content.

Let Conductor help you make preparations so you don't fall off a traffic cliff after this looming update. In this webinar, we will cover what is changing in Google's algorithm and how you can:

  • Prepare your campaigns.
  • Ensure your organization is aligned to prepare for the change.
  • Manage executive expectations.
  • Measure and understand the deltas.

Finally, we'll leave plenty of time for Q&A so you can get both technical and strategic advice.

Additionally, we'll distribute communication templates to help you navigate this change successfully.

Register now to take the first step in preparing for the update.