Calculate Your Future SEO Revenue: The Total Economic Impact of Conductor

Tuesday, October 8th, 2 PM EST | 11 AM PST

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You know SEO is valuable to your business. But did you know the right organic marketing strategy can drive 571% ROI?

Leading market research firm Forrester studied Conductor customers and built the Conductor + Forrester ROI Calculator to help you demonstrate this value to your company.

Join featured speaker Benjamin Brown, Senior Consultant with Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) practice, and Charity Stebbins, Senior Director of Brand and Communications at Conductor, to dig into the methodology and significance of the Conductor + Forrester ROI Calculator.

You’ll get answers to these key questions directly from a Forrester expert:

  • How did Forrester create this calculator?
  • What was their approach to capturing the business impact of organic search and Conductor?
  • How can you use this calculator to grow the impact of organic marketing at your business?
  • You’ll leave with the tools you need to illuminate the potential impact of SEO on your company and build a powerful business case for search.

Haven’t gotten your ROI number yet? See how the right organic strategy can drive financial return for your business with the Conductor + Forrester ROI Calculator.


Charity Stebbins

Senior Director, Brand and Communications


Benjamin Brown

Senior Consultant


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